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At Knutson Strategy, we offer a proven strategic approach to assist midsize organizations with a comprehensive and holistic approach to operational strategy. Our system focuses on optimizing all aspects of your business operations, from workflow to resource management, to help you achieve sustained growth and success. With our proven methodology, you can count on us to help you develop a tailored and effective strategy that fits your unique business needs.

What We Do

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Client Service Methodology

How the team is to operate in processing the ‘order’

  • Scalable Process Development
  • Performance Strategy Analysis
  • Capacity Modeling
  • Roles and Responsibility Definition

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Product & Pricing Strategy

Maximization of revenue

  • Productization of support
  • Service Process Matrix
  • Pricing and Positioning Strategy

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Change Management

Give a detailed description of the service being provided here.

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Technology Investment Analysis
  • Documentation Planning

Why Choose Us

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You're determined to surpass your current growth goals and expand your business

You're struggling to handle your growing customer base but can't afford to hire more staff


You want to improve your profit margin and optimize your operations

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You've reached your growth ceiling and need guidance to move forward


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Segment clients

Align support processes with service segments

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Align sales order process with service segments

Product & service offering definition

Segmented service delivery

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Defining sales offerings

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"Inefficient processes cost businesses up to 20-30% of their revenue

- Project Management Institute

42% of executives say their organizations are not structured to deliver the results they need, and 80% of their time is spent on low-value tasks that do not drive growth. -PwC

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Alex's passion for entrepreneurship and business management started at an early age, evident by his first business card at the tender age of 8. Over the course of his career, Alex has gained over a decade of experience in operations management and has proven his ability to drive growth and profitability for businesses.

During his time at a Fortune 1000 Company, Alex co-oversees the operations for a $150M division within the Promo segment of Deluxe Corporation. He successfully integrated six acquisitions worth $100M, streamlining them into one operating model and facilitating a 9% growth during the transition period.

As the first employee of a Start-Up, as the Director of Operations at Parcel Pending, Alex played a crucial role in building multiple departments, including sales, marketing, installation, logistics, customer service, and ongoing service of smart-electronic parcel lockers. In just five years, Parcel Pending went from its inception to exit, becoming one of the most notable examples of a successful startup. The company was sold for $100M.

Beyond his operational expertise, Alex has also demonstrated a strong commitment to community development, exemplified through his work with CARES By Apartment Life, a non-profit organization that provides community development teams to live on-site at large apartment communities. Additionally, Alex's experience in Commercial Real Estate and as a California Real Estate Broker, along with his degree in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University, further add to his depth of knowledge and expertise in the business world.

Alex is a dedicated family man who values spending quality time with his wife and four children, whether it be at the beach or on the baseball field coaching his son's little league team. His unwavering passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with his exceptional leadership skills and community-minded approach, make Alex a valuable asset to any organization seeking to drive growth and success.

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